Washer Anti-Vibration Pads - VIBRAFIX (set of 4)
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Genuine VIBRAFIX premium anti vibration pads are one of the best washing machine anti-vibration solutions on the market. You will not be disappointed!

If this product does not fix or reduce the vibration issue just return it for a full refund.


VIBRAFIX pads are 3 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick. They are black in color and come in set of four. In the middle they have indentation for machine feet. This indentation is universal in size and will work with most size and brands.

The pads will also absorb any dryer vibration, so DON'T FORGET to buy an additional set of VIBRAFIX pads for your drier to keep your appliances at the same height.*

VIBRAFIX pads also eliminate vibration that can add long term damage to the structure of your home and damage your washing machine.*




Our VIBRAFIX pads are perfectly sized and are not too bulky to look awkward nor they are too small to compromise performance.

VIBRAFIX pads are designed in the USA and made out of quality dense rubber blend that has very good vibration absorbing abilities. This rubber has one of highest coefficient of friction in rubber family to prevent skidding or walking of your washer due to excessive vibration during a spin cycle. We also added anti skid pattern to help with VIBRAFIX pads conforming to any surface.*

 If "walking" of washer is your main problem and if your machine is located on very slick floor we highly recommend purchasing the Super Anchor Liner Discs. They will keep the VIBRAFIX pads and your appliances locked in place for good.


*- Results and performance will vary and depend on your situation i.e. type of flooring, size and balance of the load, machine level, etc.

For additional information, see Terms and Conditions the below. 

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Washer Anti-Vibration Pads - VIBRAFIX (set of 4)

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