POPFEX Baby Food Multiportion Freezer Tray - GREEN
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Give the best to your baby! We know that health and safety is your top priority when it comes to food preparing for your little one. That is why we used only 100% food grade silicone made in USA and mixed in accordance with FDA CFR 21 177.2600 (certified by our US supplier) to make this tray. In addition, company that mold POPFEX tray is FDA compliant facility located in Kansas City MO.


To feel even better about using our tray, facility that makes this tray utilizes eco-friendly practices while making this tray.

Make healthy homemade meals for your baby, while minimizing waste and potentially hazardous chemicals that come with store-bought baby food packaging.


The food stored in this tray pop out in perfect single portions that can be reheated and ready for your baby in seconds. Premium food grade US-sourced silicone and polypropylene cover are both BPA free. Now you can have a piece of mind that the tray and the food you are serving to your baby are toxin free.


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POPFEX Baby Food Multiportion Freezer Tray - GREEN

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